Record any calls that come in or go out

Easily record all of your calls - welcome calls, sales calls - and keep them stored and organized. Train your salespeople, help clear up customer disputes and protect your company.

Easily save your recordings and upload them to your favorite CRM

Calls with a click from your websites and emails

Callingly turns your phone number into a link you can add to your website or share in your emails & social media. Clients can click to immediately call you right from their computer or smartphone.

Trigger calls from any web form, calendar or CRM

Get an immediate call and get put through to your lead when they fill out your form. Jump on the hot leads and close more deals faster, automatically.

Calls on your team's schedule

Set your team's availability schedule for each day of the week and route all calls to the agent who is available and ready to talk to a customer.

Never forget to make that follow-up call again

Schedule a call and Callingly will ring your phone at the right time and connect you to your lead. You can even connect to your calendar and automatically schedule every appointment.

Integrate with your CRM, marketing platform and call tracking system

With over 750+ integrations, Callingly can ring your phone and get you the line with the right person at the right time from your calendar, CRM, marketing platform, landing page and any other data source.











What other companies are saying

"Callingly is a great program. The ease of use is fantastic for our fast paced business. The search tool makes finding a specific call a breeze! We are glad to do business with Callingly."

Noelle, Customer Service Manager of Clear Protection Technologies, Inc.

Potential sales are great, but actual sales are better. Callingly has made it easy to have seamless, immediate two-way communication, and that means more sales. I love sales. And I love Callingly for helping us get them!

Mary Feuer, Owner of

More calls mean more sales