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Daily habits to excel at your remote sales job

Remote working is gaining momentum like never before. Just about every industry has transitioned to remote work. Sale reps are also selling things to people from the comfort of their homes. According to Salesloft, ten inside/remote sales reps are being brought on right now for every outside/field sales rep being hired.

The word is that no one can’t stop the remote working wave and especially in the sales sector. So wouldn’t it be better if we just start to absorb the remote culture bit by bit? Well, many sales reps are doing just that, but they are facing some issues to excel at their new remote sales job.

“Depending on what they are, our habits will either make us or break us. We become what we repeatedly do.” – Sean Covey.

In today’s piece, we’ll list down some daily habits you can opt to excel at your new remote sales job.

Start Selling In The Morning

Although the work environment has been shifted, no pandemic can replace the potential of working in the morning. There’s a reason why Benjamin Franklin quoted,

“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

World leaders, innovators, legends, and you name it; all these people had one thing in common, they started working in the morning. They made tough decisions and worked hard in the morning when their mind was sharp and fresh.

As a remote sales rep, your job is to sell. And you’ll only be able to achieve this goal is by dedicating your most essential tasks for the morning. Remote sales reps who are acing their job have reserved their mornings for any stuff that will lead to a sale.

No matter who you are, a night or a morning person, to excel at your remote sales job, sketch up an early morning routine for yourself. When you’ll have zero distractions in the morning and total focus on selling, you’ll be thanking us.

Every night, allocate around 30 to 45 minutes to decide what and how you are going to approach your goal in the upcoming today. And make sure to tie important sales-related tasks when everyone is in their warm and comfy beds!

Maintaining A Routine & Time Blocking

As a remote sales manager or a rep, you have the flexibility to work whenever you want. But sometimes, too much flexibility can hurt your workflow and progress. Setting up & maintaining a routine along with time blocking will help you to achieve great things in the long run.

Firstly, set-up a routine that suits yourself and your job requirements. Lay down all the things that will help you to sketch up the best possible routine to excel at your remote sales job. After that, try maintaining the routine and inject it into your daily habits.

Assign strict email hours, meeting gaps, lunchtime, etc. And most importantly, concentrate on one thing at a time to boost your productivity. As you are working remotely, keep in mind about your teammates or staff’s locations and time zones as nobody likes to receive a skype video invite at midnight.

Time blocking means dividing your day into small blocks of time. Block specific chunks from your time to carry out particular tasks. For instance, you can’t send emails at night, block a specific time in business hours to schedule, or send emails. Along with time blocking, try to recognize which tasks are draining you out more quickly and shift them in your morning block.

Track & Contact Customers Effectively

So you or your team got a lead, but the customer is still waiting for human interaction. That’s wrong! In your remote sales job, you or your team must efficiently track and contact customers or leads as soon as they are being captured.

As the sales sector is shifting to the digital world, it’s now simple and straightforward to track and contact leads asap. Lead Response Management or LRM platforms provide speedy interaction with leads as soon as they are captured.

One such software is Callingly, this software lets you respond faster and close more. With Callingly, whenever a new lead comes in, it automatically calls your sales team to connect with the customer. If nobody is online, Callingly keeps on trying to connect with one of your sales team members. When your sales rep picks up the call, he/she hear a custom whisper text about the lead’s information. After the call, everything gets synchronized with your CRM, website, or Lead Platform.

In today’s digital world, it’s essential to invest in a Lead Response Management software as manually juggling between leads can cause you to lose customers. Be smart and start tracking and contact customers effectively with Callingly or any other LRM platform!

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