Speed to Lead

Close more inbound sales by calling back your web leads from a local number in seconds.

Nearly FOUR in FIVE customers buy from the first company to call them back.
With Callingly, you’re always at the front of the line!

Callingly improves contact rates and slashes lead response times by dialing you or your sales team within seconds of a lead completing your form. When you pick up, you hear any info provided by the lead and then press 1 to dial the lead back.

Plus, while Callingly works to connect your agent and lead by voice, the lead will receive automated SMS messages introducing the agent and letting them know to expect a call.

That way, your inbound lead gets a call and text back within seconds.
It’s speed to lead on steroids!

A call and text back in seconds.

Within 30 seconds of completing your form, your lead receives a call from sales – or a text from Callingly saying you’ll be in touch soon.

Or as soon as you’re free

If you don’t pick up, Callingly texts the lead and then tries you again later. If the lead comes in after hours, Callingly will dial you the next day.

From the right sales agent.

Do you have multiple sales agents? Route leads to agents based on their work schedule, sales territories, areas of expertise, and more.

With full oversight

After the call, the call recording and speed to lead and contact rate data syncs with your CRM. You can even add info via your telephone keypad.

Sales conversions are 4X higher when leads are called back in the first minute. Make contact in seconds with Callingly!

Better Contact Rates.
Faster Lead Response.


Your inbound lead completes your form.


Callingly texts the lead to introduce their agent and let them know to expect a call.


Callingly rings an agent based on your lead routing logic. The agent hears the lead info and presses 1 to dial them.


The call recording and data syncs to your CRM.


The lead is added to a voice and SMS followup series that closes more deals.

“Callingly has exponentially increased our conversion rate from lead to closing.”

Managing Partner, Leadz Engine

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