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Proven Tips To Improve Your Sales Team’s Customer Service Skills

Do you want to improve your sales team’s customer service skills but aren’t sure how? Because if so, don’t worry. We work with sales teams who are facing the same problem as you, and over the years, we’ve helped them overcome this obstacle. Today, we’re going to do the same for you.

Customer service skills are crucial to any business’s success. It doesn’t matter what industry you work in; if the sales team can’t engage customers, you won’t make a profit. And at the end of the day, revenue is vital. But how do you reach these goals?

Firstly, have an outstanding product. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, have the best customer service team you can put together. Having one is vital to your success because people only buy products from a company they feel welcome at. The market is super competitive, and if your clients don’t have a good experience, they can leave and go somewhere else.

Therefore, optimizing your clients’ experience is essential. Listen to their concerns and create an environment where they feel important. If you can do this, you’ll create a loyal customer base, and sales will go through the roof.

But how do you create such an environment? First, understand what skills are required, and second, integrate them into your workplace.

The basic customer service skills

The first idea is straightforward. If you want to improve your sales team’s customer service skills, you need to identify them. We’ve put together a list of the most important ones. Each is integral to the process, and you should try to include all of them in your workplace.

  • Empathy

Your sales team needs to have empathy and patience. It’s unlikely that all customers will be understanding and compassionate. Therefore, the responsibility falls on the sales reps. Whether the client has a hundred questions or is quickly agitated, your sales team must know how to handle them.

The easiest way to build empathy is by having workshops where you run various scenarios and clients in order to practice. Subsequently, also talk about how best to deal with them in a cool, calm manner.

  • Modification

Another essential customer service skill is modification. Sales pitches are crucial and shouldn’t be looked over. However, your team should be able to go off-script. Depending on the customer’s mood, the best course of action can change.

Organize fun activities where your sales team has to think on their feet. You can gamify this experience by setting up quick-fire quizzes or buzzer rounds.

  • Communication

Always be crystal clear. Your sales team must know exactly what they’re selling and convey the information to the client without being vague. Additionally, share this information in a cheerful mood. You can have briefs on good phrases and strategies to use.

  • Information

If a client has questions, they will ask your sales team. Therefore, they need to know what the product is and be informed of all the relevant details. If they don’t have the necessary knowledge, your customers certainly won’t be comfortable making purchases from them.

However, this doesn’t mean every sales rep has to memorize every bit of information. Instead, ensure that your team has easy access to information. You can set up a user-friendly interface with product information and details. This way, your team will always have the data needed to make sales.

Real-time information about your business is also helpful. Companies like Callingly manage lead responses and update sales reps within seconds, which is essential for optimization.

  • Resilience

Is the customer always right? Some are, and some aren’t. However, a sales rep must always put the customer first. Even when they are a bit irritating, sales reps need to push through and deal with the customer.

Developing a thick skin is essential to improving customer service skills and can only come with experience.

Interacting with customers

Having the skills outlined above is essential. However, the sales team also need to use them when working with customers.

Firstly, always personalize the relationship. If the customer feels as though they are talking to a cold and distant sales rep, they won’t feel comfortable or secure. Therefore, always speak to the customer as if they are your friend and find common ground.

Being overly informal can be a turn-off, though. So it’s essential sales reps maintain the right balance between formal and casual.

Secondly, listen to the customer and don’t talk over them. Make an effort to listen to their concerns actively and empathize. For instance, use statements such as “I can understand why this must have upset you.”

Thirdly, follow up immediately. As soon as a client launches a complaint or concern, look into it, and give them updates. You can call back, send an email, or message them. You’re on their side, and they should know.

Mechanistic recommendations

The chain

More often than not, a sales team is a big group with different subgroups within it. And customers interact with each of them. When improving your sales team’s customer service skills, you need to go through each one. Start with the first subgroup a new customer will interact with and move through the chain.

A bad experience at any point during this chain can impact your sales. Therefore, check-in with all of them and make sure everyone is on the same page.

Feedback platform

Another great recommendation is setting up a feedback platform. This can be a survey, a form, or a helpline. Choose a method that suits you best and log customer concerns and other feedback. Not only does this help you keep track of complaints, but you can also keep an eye out for patterns and successes. If many people are concerned about one particular business aspect, you can address it and optimize your workplace.


Optimizing your sales team’s customer service skills is crucial to your business’ success. And now you know how to improve it. Start by introducing the basic customer skills to your workers through briefs, workshops, and gamified competitions.

Then equip them will the tools necessary to communicate with customers by setting up a database. And lastly, help them have positive interactions with clients. These steps will transform your sales team’s customer service skills and boost performance exponentially.

Furthermore, you should also check in with different groups a customer interacts with. A consistently strong chain is better than an inconsistent one. Additionally, give your customers a platform to voice their concerns.

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