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The Best No Code Automation Tools For Your Sales Team

When you start a new business, there’s a lot you need to do to drive sales and growth.

Your sales team is one of the primary touchpoints of your brand, and with a small customer base and sales pipeline initially, the manual work is relatively easy and simple. However, a few years later, you could possibly have hundreds or thousands of customers…and many more leads and prospects in the pipeline.

Keeping track of all this, and which stage a lead is at can become quite complex.

As you start growing, and tackling different markets and veriticals, manual management is next to impossible now. The growth of the business also indicates that you’ve outgrown your previous sales and marketing models. Hence, it’s time to automate some of those sales functions and lighten the load on your sales professionals so they can focus their time on the important value-additive tasks.

If you’re confused about where to start when it comes to this, there are tools that you can automate using no-code workflows. No-code tools allow you to get work done without any coding involved. They take away any room for human error and limit the repetitive and boring work your employees may have to do. Plus, you no longer have to request the tech team to help and then wait for months to have a simple implementation or update made.

We’ve listed some pretty cool sales automation tools for you. Pick one that goes with your sales and marketing strategy, they’re all fantastic tools that can integrate through Zapier into your overall MarTech stack.

You need to keep in touch with both existing and potential clients, and this can end up requiring a lot of manual effort. is perhaps one of the most all-rounded and tech-savvy services you can find to help here. It’s a handy solution for both new businesses as well as established ones.

If you wonder what it’s like to integrate Reply’s automation tools, here’s all you need to know:

Audio and Video Integrations offers custom CTA’s, real-time analytic updates, inbound call transfer, custom caller ID, and a great user interface to help with trackinig and automating your inbound and outbound sales flows.

Multichannel Sequences Tapping into a variety of platforms such as LinkedIn contacts. let’s you craft personal and follow up emails, schedule calls, and do omni-channel mass messaging.

Furthermore, you also get tons of data sourcing and managing integrations compatible with your own CRM.


HubSpot has the perfect formula to help you meet your sales needs while you focus on other business areas.

Whether you need to manage a hundred clients or a large community of 10,000 clients, the pricing plans are reasonable and affordable.

With HubSpot automation, you’ll get:

  • Content Support
  • Content creation tools, content optimization, and email marketing.
  • Salesforce integration.
  • Fully automated social media suite.
  • A/B testing for CTA and emails.
  • Attribution reporting, custom event reporting, revenue reporting, and contacts and company reporting.

And much more. HubSpot is a powerful 360-degree tool that packs a heavy punch when it comes to sales and marketing.


Airtable is an excellent no-code tool to use. This app offers you many features that allow you to boost productivity, build workflows, and manage data effectively. Not only is Airtable easy to use, but it also offers integrations with many other platforms such as Slack, Trello, and our favorite – Zapier.

Essentially Airtable is MS Excel with superpowers. It can be best classified as a hybrid software that allows you to both store data and build on top various views and logic. This makes Airtable one of the best platforms to add to your automated sales mechanism.

Here are some additional features you can get with using Airtable:

  • Allows you to store various file formats within the database and views
  • Build layers on top of your data similar to front-end database views
  • Create custom in-take forms that double as lead capture forms
  • Carry out workflow triggers based on actions to the data similar to a CRM


There’s nothing as swift as Callingly for those who are always looking to improve their lead response times.

It integrates with various platforms through Zapier and natively. The service continually keeps you connected and updated regarding new leads that come through your funnel, and instantly puts them in touch with one of your available sales agents.

Upon adding Callingly to your automated sales mechanism, here are some benefits you’ll get:

  • Compatibility with Zapier, HubSpot, Salesforce, Facebook, etc.
  • Effective customer and lead management
  • Getting calls answered or returned from almost all leads
  • Syncing lead analytics to your business CRM
  • Build rules to triage, escalate, and send leads to appropriate agents in your sales team


There’s nothing like the pressure you feel when prepping for a last-minute meeting that’s scheduled hours before your flight. As your business continues to expand, you have more clients to manage, more meetings to attend to, and more conferences to be a part of.

Juggling such a hectic timetable often leads to a clash between meetings or even risks your own health.

What you need to keep your schedule sane and easy to follow is an automated system that handles and appoints all your meetings without any blunders or human errors. A no-code tool like Calendly is precisely what you need and will definitely appreciate its excellent management support.

Here’s how Calendly changes the game for you:

  • Calendly books your appointments for you
  • It notes down your availability preferences and creates multiple work plans. You can share your Calendly links via email, and the client can pick the one that suits them most, and a meeting is booked on your schedule
  • It’s integrates with Office 365, Google, Outlook, iCloud, and other calendar apps
  • It offers 1-on-1, round-robin, and collective availability meetings
  • You can schedule buffer timings as well as private events

Wrapping It Up

To put it briefly, automated sales tools are a need for every business owner or sales manager. Whether you’re taking baby steps or you’re already a big gun, these integrations come with countless opportunities and benefits.

They lighten the manual workload on your team and manage tasks with more effectiveness. By cross-integrating these tools, you can help your business grow at a faster and safer pace!

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