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5 Sales Automation Strategies To Take Advantage Of

According to the National Association of Sales Professional, data entry is one of the top time wreckers for the people who are into sales. Many salespeople spend hours entering data and doing other manual tasks during their work-time. It doesn’t only waste your precious time but kills your sales instinct.

With sales automation software, you can eliminate the data entry and manual tasks. Your Customer Relationship Management or Lead Response Management tool will automatically enter and organize the data for you.

By getting rid of the manual tasks, you’ll be able to concentrate more on selling things rather than managing unrelated stuff. Automation will open up your mind to make more sells and perform better.

To automate your sales sector tasks, you can look for CRM tools that track interactions or standalone software that automatically update, store, and manage the profiles or leads. This strategy will not just unburden your shoulder from time-wasting tasks but help you to be more consistent in selling.

Go Beyond The Basics Via Automatic Report Generation

When you’re making sales, there’s a handful of data rushing through your gateway. From the number of calls to customer information and sales value, you deal with a handsome amount of data.

Instead of wasting human-hours on making reports, you must go beyond the basics and leave everything on your sales automation tool to analyze data. Many CRMs gives you the ability to generate complex and advanced reports.

A report provides you with critical insights on a bunch of things. From efficiency to team productivity and loopholes, a report holds immense importance in the sales sector. And if it’s generated by smart software or tool, then things get way more comfortable.

A typical automatic generated report from a software or a CRM tool consists of all the essential round-up of everything that matters in any sales sector. Reports are the pathway towards revolutionizing your sales department.

Many business software or sales automation tools will provide you with the ability to generate reports. But you need to make sure that the reports are visually great, easy to digest, and readable.

Close Leads On The Spot With an LRM!

What’s perfect, then closing leads on the spot when you are making sales? As we earlier talked about instant gratification, closing leads on the spot is one of the best sales automation strategies to take advantage of. It will not only better your customer list but save you from all the waiting, dialing, and dropping cycle that goes on forever.

Want to learn how you can close leads on the spot? With Callingly, you can respond faster and close more deals on the spot within seconds. Callingly is an LRM tool that gets connected with every CRM, website, or lead platform.

Whenever a new lead comes in, Callingly automatically starts ringing your sales team within seconds (Yes, no more shouting or manual dialing the clients after a day or two). If no one is available, Callingly keeps on calling until an agent picks up. After that, the agent hears a whisper text that tells him/her about the leads’ information. And when the call is over, the recording and analytics are automatically synced to your CRM.

With Callingly, you can close more leads on the spot within seconds without webbing yourself into the never-ending loop of making visitors into customers. Callingly guarantees call for every lead in seconds so you can make more sales.

Close leads on the spot with Callingly and enjoy additional features like lead routing, call recording, follow-up calls, reporting, analytics, and more.

Use Automated Emails For Making Follow-Up Contacts

Emails can come in handy for making follow-up contacts, but sending them manually can be a tedious job. Don’t indulge yourself or your sales rep into sending emails as it will just waste their time.

Instead of manually sending out follow-up emails, you can invest in an email marketing software. It will automatically capture your current and send out follow-up emails to your contacts.

Another thing you can do is look for an LRM or CRM that supports automatic follow-up emails. You can even pass back lead call results to a marketing tool such as ActiveCampaign and set-up an email marketing campaign and track it to see the results. But using automated emails for follow-up contact is one of the best sales automation strategies, you should make the most of.

Automate the Dialling Process

The dialing process is an essential part of any sales sector. Without dialing, a sales rep usually can’t connect with the lead or the customer. Manually dialing hundreds of leads isn’t an efficient way to make more sales as seconds of gap between calls can really add up. That’s why you need to automate the dialing process in your sales department.

A CRM or auto-dialer such as AirCall will not just assist you with the auto-dialing feature, but it will prioritize contacts based on their importance in the sales funnel. With automatic dialing, your sales reps will be busier in making sells rather than dialing numbers manually.

Say good-bye to the repetitive task of dialing and managing the contacts, digitize and automate the dialing process with a software or an LRM/CRM tool.

Implement these five sales automation strategies in your sales department and you’ll see astounding results.


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