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Automate delighting your leads with Pipedrive, Bonjoro and Callingly

Wouldn’t it be neat if you could delight your potential leads with a personalized video from your team letting them know they’ll be in touch soon over the phone?

Or perhaps every prospect got a personal video message from your CEO thanking them for showing an interest in your business, shortly followed by a call from the sales team?

And what if all this could be automated, and tightly integrated with your existing sales stack such as your CRM?

That’s what we’ll be showing you below. We’re going to use Zapier to integrate Typeform, Pipedrive, Bonjoro, and Callingly.

Every lead you capture using Typeform, we’ll send this automatically to Pipedrive’s CRM and added as a contact. From Pipedrive, the lead’s details are sent through Bonjoro to the CEO so he’s notified on his phone to record a quick intro video message and let the lead know someone from his sales team will reach out soon. Shortly after, the lead details are routed through Callingly to a sales agent who promptly gives the lead call.

That’s engaging, unique, and likely to drive better conversion versus a traditional callback flow.

So let’s dive in, and walkthrough an example to show how we set this up, and how your sales team could do it too – no need for a developer to be involved.

If you’re not much of a reader and would rather watch a video set up, head here.

Use Typeform to capture lead details and send them to Pipedrive

To set up Typeform, we’ve covered this in a previous post so we won’t dive into detail, you can see a step by step here.

But once you’ve got your Typeform set up, we need to set it up as the trigger on Zapier. If you’re unfamiliar with Zapier click here to learn how to create Zaps.

We’ll want this Zapier trigger to fire every time a new submission occurs on our form.

Pick the right form on your Typeform and hit Continue to complete setting up the Trigger.

Now let’s add an action event on Zapier that sends the lead details captured by Typeform to Pipedrive.

We’ll be using this lead information to create a person on Pipedrive by setting our action event to “Create Person”.

Below, once you hit Continue you’ll be prompted with specific fields we need to fill in to ensure the person is created on Pipedrive. In our case, we’ve sent through the Name, Email, and Phone Number.

Hit Continue and test this event to create a person on Pipedrive. If it’s successful you should be able see a person in your Pipedrive now:

Great. Halfway there. Now let’s do the fun part of connecting with Bonjoro.

Connecting to Bonjoro and capturing personalized videos

Bonjoro is an app that lets you create personalized videos with ease.

We’re going to use it to grab a personalized video for each lead from our CEO. Our CEO will thank them for reaching out and let them know someone from our team will be in touch soon.

First, head here if you don’t have a Bonjoro account and create one. Bonjoro has done a great job explaining the step by step of configuring Bonjoro here, so we won’t duplicate efforts.

Once you’ve configured Bonjoro, then create a campaign specific to your sales flow.

Once you’ve done that, head back to Zapier and connect it with your Zapier flow by adding it as an action event.

Find the Bonjoro app on Zapier, and connect it with your Bonjoro account:

Then let’s set the Action Event to creating a task. This triggers the workflow where we can notify our Bonjoro account each time a new video is required.

Hit Continue and then let’s pass through the necessary details Bonjoro will need to deliver the recorded video email to our lead.

This will trigger a notification on Bonjoro that a new video needs to be recorded:

In our example, our CEO can then login through his phone or desktop and hit Record Now to create a quick personalized video along with a short message.

Once this is done, the lead receives an email like the one below. The lead can then click and play the video to watch a quick welcome video personally recorded by our CEO for them.

Have someone from the sales team reach out using Callingly

With a personalized video letting a lead know someone will reach out shortly, we can’t have them waiting. This is where Callingly comes in.

Callingly ensures your sales team is instantly notified of a new lead and connected through to them over the phone in under 30 seconds.

If you don’t have a Callingly account, head here to set one up.

After you’ve done that, go to Zapier and add another Action Event ‘Call Lead’ for the Callingly App.

Hit Continue and then plug in the necessary information such as the lead’s name, email, and phone number that need to be passed through to Callingly and your sales agent, so they can call the lead back.

Hit Continue and test the action event.

You’ve now completed the set up end to end. With a new Typeform lead submission automatically added to Pipedrive, a personalized video is sent to the lead via Bonjoro, and the lead is called back by a sales agent using Callingly.

Voila, you’re all set. A seamless no-code workflow that has upped your lead response game.

Drop us a note and let us know what you think. Do you think a tool like Bonjoro can boost lead engagement?

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