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How to Sell Successfully From Wherever You Are

In the wake of COVID-19, more people are working remotely than ever before. Many companies have also announced that, even as social distancing ordinances are lifted, they plan to continue having employees work from home rather than coming to the office.

With certain jobs, it’s easy to transition to full-time remote work. Remote sales, though, can be tricky.

If you’ve recently started working in this type of position and are worried about your ability to succeed, keep reading. Listed below are some tips that will help you be a successful remote salesperson.

Be Personable

Being friendly and personable is a big part of being successful in the world of sales. This can be harder, though, when you’re not able to meet with people one-on-one.

When selling virtually, you miss out on opportunities to shake hands and enjoy feelings of in-person connection, but there are still ways to be personable from afar. Here are some tips that can help you to better engage with your customers while selling remotely:

  • Use video calling over phone calls whenever possible (it’s easier to succeed in sales when people can see your face and you can see theirs)
  • Spend some time on small talk at the beginning of the meeting
  • Use chat instead of email when possible (this allows for stronger bonds and more informal connections)
  • Bring up things you discussed in your previous conversations, just like you would if you were meeting in-person

In essence, try to do whatever you can to mimic the feeling of an in-person meeting.

Keep Track of Customers’ Interests and Actions

Tracking technology can help you keep up with your customers and gauge their interest in making a purchase or continuing to work with you. By using tracking technology, you can monitor many of your customers’ and prospective customers’ interests and actions, including the following:

  • When they open emails
  • When they click on links within emails
  • When they visit your website
  • The specific pages they look at
  • How long they look at these pages

Tracking software can also provide you with live notifications when potential customers take action. They way, you can choose the appropriate follow-up approaches and close more deals.

Build Relationships with Social Media

Social media is an incredible relationship-building tool. The key is to use if in the proper way, though.

Start by simply making connections online. Send out friend requests on Facebook, follow your customers on Twitter, or ask them to join your LinkedIn network. Think about your industry and the type of clients with whom you work, then decide which platform is the best fit.

Once you’ve made a connection, you can start a conversation. Don’t dive straight into a sales pitch! Ask them how they’re doing after your recent meeting or follow-up on something you discussed at that time. Show them that you care and remember talking to them.

Make your social media profiles helpful places, too. One way you can do this is by sharing articles or posts on your feed that might be of use to your clients.

Provide Clear Next Steps

It’s easy for things to feel a little vague when you’re holding meetings virtually. To ensure that your clients (or prospective clients) know what to do after they’ve talked to you, be sure to end with clear steps for everyone to take.

An example might include something like scheduling a date and time for a future meeting or making a plan for them to gather certain documents so you can review them together. Give yourself and the client something to do so you both can keep moving toward closing the sale.

Set Daily Goals

When you’re working remotely, if you’re not careful, the day can get away from you pretty quickly. One minute you’re trying to set up your office so that it has the perfect lighting for video calls and, the next, the sun has set and it’s time for dinner.

To ensure you’re maximizing your time and being as productive as possible while selling remotely, set daily goals for yourself. You could make a plan to contact a certain number of prospective clients per day, for example.

Use the Right Tools

In addition to tracking tools, there’s a lot of other great technologies that you can use to set yourself up for remote sales success. The following are some of the best tools you can invest in today:

Video Conferencing Software

Remember, video calls are a must for remote salespeople. They encourage deeper connections and make sales meetings feel more personal.

Invest in a high-quality video calling or conferencing software such as Zoom so you can connect with current and potential clients and have productive meetings from afar.

Electronic Document Signing Software

Electronic document signing allows you to close deals even when you’re not able to meet with people in-person. Look for a software that helps you to send over contracts to prospective customers or clients and obtain electronic signatures with ease. We love DocuSign here at Callingly.

Automated Lead Calling Tools

If you’re not getting back to prospective clients as soon as possible, there’s a good chance you’ll miss out on an opportunity to convert them to paying customers. Don’t miss out on potential sales because your lead response process is too slow!

Automated lead callback tools like Callingly (shameless plug!) make it easy for you to respond as soon as someone takes a specific action (like filling out a form on your website). The faster you can contact them, the more likely you are to close the deal.

Master Remote Sales Today

The idea of working as a remote salesperson might feel intimidating at first. If you remember the tips outlined above, though, you’ll have an easier time fitting into your new role and selling successfully from wherever you are.

Of all the tips mentioned in this blog, pay special attention to our last tip about using the right tools. Automating certain aspects of the sales process, including lead call back, with tools like Callingly will help you streamline your approach, be more productive, and see better results from your sales efforts.

Contact us today to learn more about Callingly or give it a try with our 14-day free trial (no credit card required).

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