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Should you outsource cold calling?


Cold calling is still alive and kicking in 2020. According to one study, 82% of buyers say that they have accepted meetings with salespeople after a series of contacts beginning with sales cold calls.

More and more, though, people are racing towards outsourcing cold calling, despite businesses that outsource cold calling continuing to see productivity boosts and cost savings. But should your company take the risk?

Well, that’s the mystery we are going to discover today. But before that, we’ll cover everything from ground basics. So let’s start and see should you outsource cold calling or not.

What’s Outsourcing?

In business practice, outsourcing is referred to as a company hiring a party outside of its operation to provide services, manufacture products, etc. With the help of outsourcing, businesses aim to cut down costs and generate more revenue.

According to SmallBizGenius, it’s estimated that over 300,000 positions are outsourced every year. Outsourcing has excellent potential for businesses that are operating in an expensive market. By hiring a third party to perform business tasks, it helps them to reduce their investment and increase their gains.

All around the world, big businesses take advantage of outsourcing so that they can maximize revenue and minimize their spending.

What’s Cold Calling?

Ever got a call from an unknown company or business who’s trying to sell you a product or service? Well, that’s a perfect example of cold calling. Basically, cold calling is referred to as a procedure in which a sales agents contact consumers who have not been previously contacted.

A cold call refers to a call that has not been previously made to the recipient by the contact party. Cold calling has shown phenomenal results. According to the RAIN Group, of buyers who accepted sales calls, 75% reported interest in the product as the most important reason.

What’s Outsourced Cold Calling?

Outsourcing the process of cold calling is very common. Outsourcing cold calling gives businesses peace of mind, better expertise, and cost-savings as well. Typically, when the cold calling function is outsourced, a business hires a third party outside of their own business operations to handle their cold calling sector.

The third party is now in charge of handling the whole cold calling department of the business who has hired them. Think of outsourcing cold calling as a process of delegating the duties of cold calling to a brand-new team outside of the business. This team specializes in cold calling and have their own employees who have years of experience.

In recent times, the act of outsourcing cold calling operations in on a high. Companies are investing in outsourcing their cold calling departments more than ever. If you are thinking the same, here’s what you need to keep in mind.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Outsourcing Cold Calling

If you are outsourcing cold calling, you must first get an idea about the concept by giving it an in-house trial. Suppose you own a startup, set up an in-house practice of outsourcing cold calling, and test its dynamics according to your business. Don’t rush forward and check if outsourcing cold calling is working for you.

Next up, be real and authentic to yourself and your business. If cold calling isn’t playing a massive role in your business or your business nature doesn’t support it, there’s no point in using it, let alone outsourcing it. Set clear expectations, and don’t let the idea of outsourcing cold calling overwhelm yourself.

Lastly, before you decide to make the most of outsourcing cold calling, make sure to educate yourself about it. As the operation of outsourcing cold calling is enormous, and your whole business depends on it, you must be very careful when including it in your business.

Why Outsource Cold Calling?

Here’s why companies outsource cold calling:

Productivity Boost

Depending on a trustable outsource cold calling agency, you can ensure that many phones are ringing. And when phones are ringing, more people are getting to know about your services or products, hence more chances of sales. And on the other hand, your in-house sales team is free, and they get more opportunities to focus on high-impact work.

Outsourced sales teams can make hundreds of calls per day, which means your business is getting the productivity boost it deserves.

Efficiency and Accuracy

Outsourcing cold calling agencies have trained professionals that are only meant to do one thing – cold calling. They are more efficient than a typical sales team as it’s their only job. Moreover, as these agencies are created explicitly for cold calling, they have access to the right equipment and better procedures.

Low Cost

Companies outsource cold calling as it helps them to save money. For instance, if a company in the United States sets up a cold calling department in their location, it will cost them more than outsourcing the job to international cold calling teams. Moreover, outsourcing cold calling will help a company to save money on training, equipment, and more.

More Insight

Cold calling is itself a lengthy process. So how can one expect a sales team to do it and additionally bring in insights? That’s where outsourcing cold calling can help. Outsourcing cold calling agencies not only provide cold calling services but give detailed insight on customers, market, and everything in between.

Is Outsourced Cold Calling Right For You?

Outsourcing cold calling is for every company that’s seeing great potential in cold calling but can’t afford to handle it on its own. Outsourcing cold calling provides excellent benefits to companies who are looking forward to seeking the greatness of cold calling.

If your company wants to adopt cold calling or is already making the most of cold calling, outsourcing it would be a level up. Outsourcing cold calling will aid you with all the golden benefits of cold calling along with other significant impactors like cost efficiency, accuracy, productivity boost, more insights, and low costs.

Final Words

So, what’s your take on outsourcing cold calling? According to us, it’s one of the biggest upgrades both to the companies who are already cold calling or who haven’t even experienced its benefits.


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