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7 Tips to Give an Effective Sales Presentation That Closes Deals

Pat yourself on the back for finding leads for your sales operation, but now it’s time to buckle up and prepare a killer presentation that will help you to close deals! How are you planning to make your sales presentation a compelling one? Here are some great tips that will help you give a successful sales presentation that will surely assist you in closing deals.

Tell A Story, Don’t Just Present Stats

According to one research by Chip & Dan Health, 63% of all the people in a presentation remember stories, and only 5% remember statistics. Well, this research truly defines the real power of storytelling.

While you are giving a sales presentation, don’t overwhelm your audience with stats. Instead, tell a story or present a narrative based on the problem and how your product or service is solving it.

Capture the feelings and frustrations of the domain you are tackling and show how your product or service is the way forward. The story can be anything, from how the service/product changed your life to how your company adopted it; just focus on storytelling and present stats when necessary.

Use the Power of Visuals

Nobody likes to read a paragraph full of text and no visuals. And the same goes for the mentality of your audience in the sales presentation. When preparing a sales presentation, make sure to include visuals that go along with your idea.

Words are powerful. But according to Neo Mammalian Studios, the human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text. Use the power of visuals to simplify the complex stuff in your presentation and see how your audience will engage and help you close more deals.

The main takeaway is to complement text with meaningful visuals so that your audience can fully immerse themselves in what you are selling.

Know Your Audience

According to IDC, nearly 57% of B2B prospects and customers feel that their sales teams are not prepared for the first meeting. When you don’t know about your audience, you won’t be ready to make your mark.

Knowing your audience is essential to closing deals. If you are clueless about the people who you are presenting to, you won’t be able to connect with them and lose the chance of turning them into customers.

Make sure to do some extensive research on the party you are going to be briefing. Learn about their values, mindset, and everything in between to sell your product or service to them in a tailored fashion.

Engage Audience During Presentation

Sales presentations that are dominated by one-side often end up bad for both parties. Effective sales presentations are like a two-way street where both the presenter and the audience have somewhat equal responsibility for engaging. But it all depends on the presenter. If the presenter is doing a monologue, the audience will not feel comfortable to engage.

As a presenter, you must go slow and build a friendly relationship with your audience along the presentation to open the gate of engagement. Avoiding rushing and allow your audience to ask questions during the presentation.

You are a human and not a robot.” Think about this phrase before giving a sales presentation. Break the stereotypes and be engaging with your audience by making an emotional connection, using approachable non-verbal communication, and working on your authentic voice.

Value and Money, In That Order

Never ever talk about price or money before you are done showcasing the value of your product, service, or solution. One of the golden and all-time rules of sales is to never talk about price before value.

If you first start to talk about your solution’s price, the chances are that your audience will label your solution as a commodity. They will begin to think that the solution you have come up with is all about funding rather than innovation.

While giving a sales presentation, stress more about the value of your product or service. This way, you are highlighting that your solution is more than just a wholesale bandage that can be found somewhere else.

So remember this when you are giving a sales presentation: showcase the value first. And then worry about negotiating the money or price of your product with the audience.

Don’t Spend More Than 9 Minutes Presenting

According to a survey conducted by Presentation Panada, 79% of people agree that presentations are boring. The human brain gets easily bored; that’s why you have to decrease your presentation time.

Divide your presentation into sections, and each section must not exceed nine minutes. Use this principle in every sales presentation, and you’ll see a positive engagement shift within your audience.

According to Gong, the sweet spot for winning sales presentations is 9.1 minutes. So what are you waiting for? Partition your presentation into multiple sections of nine minutes each and see the magic of time!

Make Your Presentation’s Last Minutes Memorable

The last minutes of your presentation must be effective and provide excellent value to your prospect’s time. Conclude your presentation with something memorable that positively impacts your audience. Whether you end your presentation on a serious note or joke, make sure it sticks inside the head of your prospect.

The last five minutes of your presentation will decide the outcome, so make sure that you are full of ideas and energy to end things in your favor. Leave an impression that will make your prospect feel viola.

One way to make the ending of your presentation worth remembering is by outlining the importance of the product, service, or solution you are selling. And how the change can affect things. That’s how you make your sales presentation effective and close more deals! Speaking about closing more deals, Callingly is a Lead Response Management software built for the sales team to respond faster and close more. With Callingly, your leads will get calls within seconds, and every result will automatically be uploaded to your CRM. So what are you waiting for? Get a quote from Callingly today or register to get started for free.


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