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Top 7 Twitter Accounts Every Sales Person Should Follow

The sales world is complicated. It is nuanced with various layers of procedure and technicalities. However, once you master it, there is no stopping you. And the sales moguls on this list have done it. They have claimed their thrones, and now they can help you do the same.

These Twitter accounts are outlets for these formidable sales leaders and often map their journey to success. So while you won’t be meeting them in person, you will gain valuable and exclusive insights.

For example, sales leaders can use their experience and tell you how to improve your sales funnel. Additionally, they can introduce you to companies that can help you transform your sales performance.

The specific information they provide depends on their specialty. And while it is good to stick to your niche, diversifying your interests can help you become a sales all-rounder. The following salespeople are the best at their job, and following their Twitter accounts will help you become a better salesperson.

1.   Jill Konrath @jillkonrath

With over 44,000 followers, Jill Konrath is the first sales mogul you need to follow on Twitter. She excels in B2B marketing strategies, and her feed is full of helping exercises for your sales team. Additionally, Jill also posts sales-related studies from reputable universities like Harvard to help you keep up with the latest research.

As for her expertise, Jill has written three bestselling books and a popular sales blog. Both ventures have helped her secure her place in the sales world as a force to be reckoned with. So if you choose to follow her, you will establish a connection with one of the best sales acceleration strategists and gain access to exclusive influencer interviews.

2.   Gary Vaynerchuk @garyvee

Known as Gary Vee, this entrepreneur built his brand by investing early in successful businesses like Uber, Twitter, and Snapchat. Then he hustled to use this success and turn it into an empire. Now, he helps other salespeople achieve the same. Following Gary’s Twitter account is the best way to help him help you get there.

Sales can be a tough business and it’s easy to let the stress wear you out. If you find yourself in such situations, follow Gary. He will motivate you through various means, such as giving advice, posting blogs, and sharing quotes. Each is carefully picked to help salespeople excel at their jobs.

3.   Trish Bertuzzi @bridgegroupinc

Trish Bertuzzi wrote the gospel for outbound sales, and her book ‘The Sales Development Playbook’ was widely acclaimed as a must-read for salespeople. Given this positive reception, Trish continued on the advice-giving road, and her Twitter account now hosts multiple pieces of guidance for salespeople.

There are many valuable articles and blogs that can serve as the starting point for your research. Additionally, Trish posts advice based on her own experience as the Bridge Group Incorporation chief strategist. This particular content makes her account stand out on this list.

4.   Jeffrey Gitomer @gitomer

Jeffrey is a reputable speaker, sales coach, and has published twelve books. Two of these publications received particular acclaim in the sales world: ‘Sales Bible’ and ‘Little Red Book of Selling.’ If you have heard of them or read them and enjoyed the content, you need to follow Jeffrey’s account.

Unlike a lot of other people on this list, Jeffrey doesn’t just share information. He writes original content and posts articles regularly. Alongside these pieces, you’ll find a wide range of motivational quotes and updates on his book tours, etc.

But the most important reason why we put Jeff on this list is his manner. He is honest, and his advice is useful. You won’t find meaningless quotes or articles filled with fluff words. Instead, you’ll find candid, helpful content.

5.   David Hoffeld @DavidHoffeld

As a science-based sales trainer, David provides a unique perspective to sales. Instead of the typical trial and error method employed by salespeople worldwide, David takes steps backed by science. And this always makes his measures successful.

His Twitter account is a window into his genius. You can view his YouTube channel if interested; however, the Twitter account alone packs a punch.

Being a chief executive officer, he has hands-on experience with many aspects of the sales world. And this reflects in his active role as a keynote speaker at sales events where he talks about sales behavioral strategies.

6.   Lori Richardson @scoremoresales

The CEO of Score More Sales, Lori, excels in sales training. Her job requires her to motivates salespeople and help them achieve their potential. This puts her in a unique position to help you. Also, she enjoys assisting other salespeople, and her Twitter account radiates this passion.

She posts a lot of content. From original blogs to vital sales updates and articles for valuable sources, Lori’s Twitter account is a treasure trove. She will help you with everything from getting out of sales ruts to reshaping your leadership strategies. As a salesperson, you need to follow her.

7.   Anthony Iannarino @iannarino

As an international speaker, Anthony is well acquainted with different sales models and their importance. His publications: the book ‘The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need’ and the blog ‘The Sales Blog,’ provide comprehensive advice to salespeople and establish his credibility.

Anthony has the expertise required to help you. But what does he post on his Twitter page? If you follow him, you’ll get a range of sourced blogs and writing pieces on topics like closing deals and leadership in sales. Plus, following his account is a great way to receive updates for content on his blog.


Following these sales accounts helps you get a foot into the world of leaders like Lori and David. Each one of the people on this list is an exceptional sales leader with enormous amounts of experience and credibility. Put that alongside their genuine desire to impart knowledge, and you create the ideal informational Twitter account.

As a salesperson, you should follow the accounts on the list because you’ll be getting great content. More often than not, the number of followers of a sales leader determines their position on top-rated lists. However, the content is a more important factor and was used to put this one together.

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